Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Maybe there is a G-d--who has a nasty sense of humour

Duke AD hurt in boating accident; son charged
The facts:
Joseph David "J.D." Alleva, 27, was charged with operating a boat while impaired Friday after the ski boat he was driving ran onto a pile of rocks at Hyco Lake....

His father [Duke athletic director Joe Alleva] was treated at a a hospital, where he got 42 stitches to his head.

"The nurse counted 42 outside stitches in the middle of his forehead into the hairline. It was a curved cut that penetrated deep," Sasser said. "They did several inside stitches. He took a pretty good lick. I call that a severe injury."

When in denial, DENY DENY DENY:
In a statement issued Tuesday, Joe Alleva said he wasn't seriously injured and was back at work. He said the accident "occurred as we were trying to navigate our way back to shore in dark, rainy conditions." The statement did not mention the charge against J.D. Alleva.

It's good to see Duke implemented those controls.


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