Thursday, May 18, 2006

Christian Coalition and Moby Agree

It has been fourteen years since Bruce Sterling first published his short story "Are You For 86?" in Globalhead. Among other noteworthy discoveries, he noted that being Christian doesn't at all mean that you don't use the Internet.

The Christian Coalition reconfirms that fact today, speaking up on the side of true net neutrality:
“What if a cable company with a pro-choice board of directors decides that it doesn’t like a pro-life organization using its high-speed network to encourage pro-life activities?” the Christian Coalition fretted in a statement Wednesday, announcing its support for a telecom law that would set rules to prevent network owners from discriminating against any Internet traffic.

The Coalition will have a Strange Bedfellow, though apparently one not invited to speak to the Committee:
Tomorrow, techno-rocker Moby is scheduled to voice his support for net neutrality rules at a Capitol Hill news conference


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