Monday, May 15, 2006

Anthemic Issues, Again; Someone is Wrong

But No One is Likely to be Lying:

Edmonton's us-against-the-world energy undoubtedly got a boost shortly before the opening faceoff, when many fans loudly booed "O Canada," insulting the Oilers and the 10 Canadians wearing teal uniforms [emphasis mine].

"I didn't think too much of that," Oilers coach Craig MacTavish said. "I'm sure our fans won't do that to the U.S. anthem."

Note the future tense.
Sharks officials thought their crowd was responding to a handful of Canadian fans that apparently could be heard booing the American anthem on the San Jose television feed before Game 4.

So a perceived slight becomes a slight. Soon to become 54 40' or Fight?

NOTE: The original ESPN article made no mention of the boos during Game Four, nor does their Recap of that Game. As with Sinead O'Connor lo those many years ago, did no one think it was an issue until suddenly it was made into one. Or was the sound-mix to San Jose just poor?


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