Friday, June 30, 2006

In other news, Barbaro ran in the Preakness this year

ESPN reports that Jose Canseco will be pitching for the Surf Dawgs, who appear to have replaced my Newark Bears and the St. Paul Saints as the Independent team of choice.

They were alert enough to notice that Canseco has pitched before:
Canseco made one big league pitching appearance, working the final inning for the Texas Rangers in a 15-1 loss to the Boston Red Sox on May 29, 1993. He walked the bases loaded and allowed three runs and two hits. He threw 12 strikes and 21 balls, most of which were far from the strike zone.

but they neglect to note what really happened:
However, I’m sure I don’t need to remind people who watch the Texas Rangers about Jose Canseco. For those who don’t remember, Canseco was summoned to pitch in a blowout at Fenway Park. However, he messed up his arm and had to miss the rest of the season on a club that was in the pennant race until his exit.

Good luck to the Surf Dawgs.


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