Thursday, April 12, 2007

One Down, 2007 Version

It was more thrilling than I would have liked, but it went more according to my analysis than Burnside's.

Yes, Lecavalier and St. Louis scored, but no one else came close. And the "sick bay"—Gionta, Gomez, Elias, and Madden—produced a goal (Gionta) and four assists (Gomez three, Elias one), while Parise (+2) scored two goals

Meanwhile, Dan Boyle had an assist (on the power play) and was -1 on the night for Tampa Bay, while Lecavalier and St. Louis (both +2) played as well as could be expected.

It took just over a minute to break the tie.

I remain optimistic, more confident in Scott's prediction (which is probably my best-case scenario against Tampa Bay's offense) than Burnside's or even The World's Most Dangerous Professor.

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