Thursday, February 10, 2005

Pat Tribble retiring

Retiring teachers

From a personal point of view, it is not news that Mitch Daniels is planning to cut the education budget in Indiana. Given his history, it would be surprising if he weren't.

The retiring teachers are Barbara Chaplin, 27 years as Connersville High School guidance counselor; Fred Halberstadt, 22 years MiMD at Fayette Central; Susan Jinks, 32 years MiMD at CHS; Janet Miller, 28 years physical education; Frank Paddock, 34 years at Frazee Elementary School; Peggy Paddock, 34 years at Everton Elementary School; Helen Sanders, 23 years math at CHS; Susan Scott, 26 years art at CHS; Wilma Studt, 42 years Everton; Sally Taylor, 31 years MiMD at Eastview Elementary School; Patricia Tribble, 40 years speech/language/hearing at Eastview; and Dorothy Horton, 32 years as a special education assistant at Eastview

Pat Tribble taught me probably everything I still remember about chess. (She probably also taught me how to pronounce words such as "water" so that I would sound as if I was a native of Indiana, not Philadelphia.) Most notably, she chastized me when I bollixed a game I dominated--a lesson never forgotten, if not always abided.

Happy retirement, Pat.


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