Monday, December 06, 2004

Kevin Drums for Conflating and Confusing, after Wondering at the Result

Kevin Drums for Conflating and Confusing

Kevin Drum falls a ways down the Slippery Slope, confusing bloodlust with a rational reason to go to war.

This would be fine, were it not that Paul Gastris on that same blog noted with apparent sadness those "predisposed to believe falsehoods about Iraq."

So we are supposed to believe that conflating and collaterally overthrowing the democratically-elected Taliban government in Afghanistan because members of Al Queda lived there (no matter that 15 of the 19 atttackers were Saudi, as was ObL himself)is a legitimate activity, but knowing that Saddam Hussein was not behind the attacks is The Only Acceptable Reason.

When are the Kevin Drums and Matt Yglesiases of the punditocracy going to realise that their own initial conflation of Taliban and Al Queda facilitated blurring the distinction between Saddam and Al Queda?


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