Wednesday, August 18, 2004

How to be out of the office while not really trying

White House Briefing tells a truth it doesn't acknowledge

Remember all those tales about how GWB was going to be working this August, to make certain people didn't think about how he didn't work in August of 2001? Turns out that he's working--on being re-elected.

Pull quote from the original source:

For three weeks, the US president has worked in Washington an average of one day a week, which was enough to announce last week his decision to nominate a new director of the Central Intelligence Agency. [sarcastic emphasis mine]

In order to recover from his electoral marathon and to prepare for his acceptance speech, the president will spend the week between August 19 and 25 at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. [emphasis again mine]

Usually, Bush spends four weeks in August at his ranch. But the example of his father, who lost his 1992 reelection battle due to, some say, insufficient campaigning, has forced the current president to revise his plans.


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