Wednesday, April 23, 2003

It should come as no surprise that the MTA acted fraudulently in getting its fare hike; it runs its budget the same way as the Shrub White House. And it's even less surprising that Iran (a nation that can MUCH more legitimately be described as a "terrorist threat" to the United States) is inciting anti-US sentiment in Iraq.

But today, I want to ask the real question: Does anyone else fear for Thomas Friedman's sanity? First, he suggested that the current administration will "stop thinking we have to remake our whole society, constrict all civil liberties, ban all Arab students and throw out all our foreign policy doctrines that have served us so well." Today, in an even bolder bifurcation of how the world is and how he wishes it were, he suggested that the administration will make a "natural deal" and "use their influence on Mr. Sharon to produce an immediate settlements freeze, the rollback of all illegal settlements and a resumption of negotiations after a new Palestinian security force, under a new prime minister, is in place."

Did someone drop brown acid in the Maryland/DC water? Or am I the only one who has no faith that this administration will do nothing for peace except Talk Tough?


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